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Apply now for quick and unbureaucratic help

In order to support Austrian companies in these difficult times, we provide them with a form sheet with which they can apply for all tax relief.

Extended special arrangements pertaining to coronavirus (information by the BMF) (PDF, 198 KB)

Combined request for special arrangements pertaining to coronavirus (SR 1-CoV) (PDF, 685 KB)

They can then either send it to the mailbox course, applications can also be made directly using the functions in FinanzOnline, namely “Reduction of Advance Payments” ("VZ-Herabsetzung") or “Payment Facilitations” ("Zahlungserleichterungen"). Alternatively, you can upload and submit the SR 1-CoV form sheet in FinanzOnline under “Other Services/Other Submissions” ("Sonstige Services/Sonstige Anbringen").

The tax relief includes the following measures:

1.      Reduction of the advance payments of income and corporate tax for 2020 (down to zero)
To improve the liquidity of your company, you can have the advance payments for income tax or corporate income tax 2020 reduced to zero. If, as a result of this reduction, a subsequent tax claim arises in the assessment for the year 2020, arrears interest on the subsequent tax claims will automatically be waived.

2.      Payment facilitations (deferment or payment in instalments)
The deadline for payment of taxes can be postponed until 30-SEP-2020 (deferment), or payment by instalments may be applied for by 30-SEP-2020 .

3.      Non-imposition of late-payment surcharges already fixed
Where a late-payment surcharge has been imposed for a duty not paid within the prescribed period, affected companies may request cancellation of the surcharge.

4.      Extension of the deadline for submitting annual tax returns for 2019
For the annual tax returns 2019 for income tax, corporate income tax, turnover tax and determination of income (§ 188 of the BAO), the deadline is generally extended to 31-AUG-2020.

5.      Non-imposition of late charges
Interest for declarations not submitted in due time will automatically be waived until 31-AUG-2020.

Customs duty/Consumption taxes/Legacy burden contribution

These rules also apply to the collection of consumption taxes and the legacy burden contribution. In the customs sector, deferral interest and late-payment surcharges will likewise be reduced to an amount of down to € 0 or not imposed in case of specific impact. Applications to this effect are to be processed immediately by the customs offices.

For further questions on these topics, please call number 050 233 233 at the local rate

(Mon - Thu 07:30 to 15:30 o’clock; Fri 07:30 to 12:00 o’clock).