Information on turnover loss bonus I and II

Who is eligible for the turnover loss bonus I and II ?

Any business that suffered a 40% turnover loss or more during a calendar month from November 2020 to June 2021 can – providing the general criteria are met – apply via FinanzOnline for a turnover loss bonus of up to €60,000 for that calendar month (for March and April, the maximum is €80,000). Businesses that were not closed during lockdown and those not entitled to apply for lockdown turnover compensation II are therefore eligible to apply.

Due to the extension of the turnover loss bonus, up to €80,000/calendar month can be applied for for the months of July 2021, August 2021 and September 2021 where there is a turnover loss of 50% or more (see below for the special criteria that apply to turnover loss bonus II).

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