Email requests to tax authorities now possible
Further Corona Ordinance enables financial penal authorities to accept electronic submissions

The relevant Ordinance published on 16-APR ensures that all submissions made since 15-MAR-2020 to the Corona mailbox in connection with requests for payment facilitation or non-imposition or reduction of late-payment surcharges for financial penalties can be effectively exhibited.

Consequently, the financial penal authorities will now accept certain submissions by email until the end of May 2020. The Ordinance relates to payable fines, compensations for lost value, and administrative and financial penalties, as well as costs of financial criminal proceedings that have been imposed by the financial penal authorities in administrative financial criminal proceedings and cannot be paid in time due to economic hardship in connection with the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Penalties imposed by the courts are not covered by the Ordinance.

In addition, currently the financial penal authorities can be requested electronically not to charge deferral interest or late-payment surcharges on penalties, or to reduce them. This concerns interest incurred in the event of the granting of payment facilitations for the above-mentioned penalties and costs, or late-payment surcharges that may be payable in the event of late payment.

This possibility of submission by email provided for by the Ordinance will apply until the end of 31-MAY-2020.