€1,000 per month for freelance artists
Finance Minister Blümel: €90 million bridging fund for freelance artists, €1,000 per month in support.

“We are setting up a bridging fund for self-employed artists in the amount of €90 million to supplement existing measures in the arts and culture sector, with planned payments of €1,000 per month”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel at today’s press conference on the Federal Government’s culture package. The €90 million fund will be available for a maximum of six months and will enable self-employed artists to receive €1,000 per month.

“The coronavirus crisis affects each sector a little differently; each sector has different consequences to deal with. A freelance artist has different challenges to cope with than a carpenter, and tailored support measures are therefore needed for each sector”, Finance Minister Blümel continued. Some measures have already been implemented in the arts and culture sector. These measures include bolstering the artists’ social insurance fund by €5 million, adapting the hardship fund by extending the application period from three to six months, increasing the minimum payment to €500 and offering a comeback bonus of €500 per month. In addition, an umbrella association package worth up to €700 million plus retroactive insurance of €25 million have already been put together for the film industry.