Corona aid: fixed costs subsidy, packages for pubs & restaurants and clubs & associations
Help for Austria is flowing freely: fixed costs subsidy can be applied for from 20 May via FinanzOnline, support packages launched for clubs and associations, as well as pubs and restaurants.

“There is no blueprint for the corona crisis. We are grateful for the feedback from industry and are constantly working to improve our measures, to target aid even more effectively. In response to the feedback, we presented a € 500 m pubs & restaurants package on Monday. These establishments are an important institution, especially in small communities, but also in cities. They must come through the crisis well and also have an incentive to re-open. We have defined massive tax breaks for owners of catering establishments”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel at today’s press conference on the corona support packages. In order to implement these packages as quickly as possible, an initiative motion is being submitted to parliament today to embed the required legislative changes for the pubs & restaurants package.

“At the same time, an initiative motion is being submitted for a clubs & associations package. This is about making € 700 m available for clubs and associations throughout Austria – for larger and smaller ones. Austria is the country of voluntary work, and associations are also suffering in this crisis. With this fund, we want to ensure that these important activities will continue beyond the crisis”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel about the clubs & associations package. The Federal Ministry of Finance will publish guidelines and FAQs on the fixed costs subsidy that we have previously presented. The key points of the fixed costs subsidy were sent to Brussels for notification last weekend. “We enquire daily what the status is. I’m hoping that we will also be able to use Austrian tax money to help Austrian companies as soon as possible”, said Finance Minister Blümel. The fixed costs subsidy can be applied for from 20 May 2020, and within a few working days after application, an advance of up to one third is to be granted.