Finance Minister Blümel: €300 million for public transport
€300 million investment programme for public transport to improve and modernise public transport will increase people’s travel options and create added value for the economy.

“Beyond support for the business community, the second phase will be about a comeback package for Austria. We have launched a tailor-made restaurant & pubs package worth €500 million as a first step. Now we have additionally agreed an investment package of €300 million for public transport. With this investment programme, we are improving and modernising public transport and providing impulses for the creation of added value in Austria”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel at the press conference on the public transport investment package.

The draft budget, due to be passed by parliament next week, additionally contains numerous points designed to strengthen public transport and regional infrastructure beyond the €300 million package announced today. The UG 41 “mobility” will be increased by €100 million compared to 2019, and the new financial framework includes a special focus on public transport, which will result in investments of around €4.5 billion by 2023. This means promoting investment in rail infrastructure, erecting noise protection measures and modernising urban and regional railways over the next few years. “These investments will strengthen the regions and business, and improve the services for people”, said the Minister of Finance.