Hardship funds: six payments instead of three, up to €3,000 comeback bonus
Finance Minister Blümel: Hardship fund will be extended and a comeback bonus of up to €3,000 is being introduced. In total, eligible applicants will be able to receive up to €15,000.

“We always try to improve. In the most diverse areas. We have been talking to the entrepreneurs. We have set up a hotline in the Ministry of Finance to stay in direct contact with people, to learn where the shoe pinches. We’ve heard what the entrepreneurs say and are therefore extending the period of the hardship fund from three to six months, with the minimum payment being set at € 500”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel at today’s press briefing after the ministerial council. Until now, it was possible to apply for the hardship fund for up to a maximum of € 2,000 per month, for three months in total within a review period of six months. Now that we’ve extended the fund, applications can be made for a period of six months within a nine-month review period – so that a total of up to €12,000 instead of €6,000 can now be applied for.
Comeback bonus of up to €3,000

“In addition, a comeback bonus of €500 per month has been made available. This is also a response to what entrepreneurs have told us many times, that sometimes they can’t make ends meet when it comes to their private rents and costs. So, we want to help quickly in this respect”, Finance Minister Blümel continued. The comeback bonus of €500 per review period applies to everyone who is entitled to the hardship fund in phase 2 and is being paid automatically for already completed applications. The comeback bonus therefore amounts to up to €3,000 per person in total. This means that those eligible to apply can receive up to €15,000 from the hardship fund.
Minimum amount increased to €500

Those who, after offsetting additional income and insurance benefits exceeding €1,500 net, previously received a subsidy of less than €500 per month will have their payment automatically increased to €500 per review period. The minimum amount will therefore be €1,000 - at least €500 plus €500 comeback bonus.