Blümel: "Supply of cash in Austria is assured" Both IT systems and sufficient cash are assured. Export businesses will receive additional assistance totalling EUR 2 billion

During a joint press conference held today at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, leading representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Austrian central bank (Österreichische Nationalbank, OeNB) and the banking sector gave assurances that the supply of cash and payment transactions will continue to be secured during the coronavirus crisis.

"We are currently living in exceptional times. My aim is to provide sufficient funds for the healthcare system and to preserve jobs. We will do everything to ensure that people can pay both their fixed costs and their loan instalments. I wish to thank the banks for stepping up shoulder-to-shoulder with us so swiftly, and for their willingness to ensure a collective approach," stressed Finance Minister Gernot Blümel.

Although, over the past few days, 2 – 3 times as much cash as usual has been withdrawn, sufficient cash is available. Whenever necessary, cash withdrawal machines, numbering approximately 9,000, will be immediately replenished. In addition, representatives from the banks gave an assurance that the utmost attention will be paid to the functioning of IT systems in order that payment transactions can continue to be guaranteed.

Finance Minister Blümel additionally announced that EUR 2 billion was being made available to businesses by way of credit guarantees via the Österreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB). "In addition to the EUR 4 billion crisis fund already approved, this sends an important signal to our export companies. We will do everything in order to secure the domestic economy and associated jobs," added Blümel.