Extension of deadline for submitting the tax return

“Our goal is to help companies that have been massively affected by the corona crisis in order to secure the many jobs of Austrians,” emphasises Finance Minister Gernot Blümel. For this reason, the existing package of measures was upgraded.

“We will help companies not only in terms of liquidity, but also with regard to their staff capacities. We have therefore uniformly extended the deadline for submitting the annual tax declaration from the end of April or the end of June, respectively, to 31 August 2020,” says Blümel. This deadline extension applies to the tax returns for income tax, corporate income tax and turnover tax, and for the determination of income.

In addition, it is possible to apply for tax relief unbureaucratically using a single form sheet. This includes, in addition to reduction of advance payments, non-imposition of late-payment surcharges as well as comprehensive payment facilitations (deferral, payment in instalments).

In addition, due to the increased demand, the BMF permits production of disinfectants using tax-free alcohol. In doing so, the Ministry of Finance is following the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to switch to local production of alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHs) – for example in pharmacies – if problems arise with the availability of industrially produced hand disinfectants.

“The crucial thing is to help people, employees and companies in Austria now as quickly as possible. For times of crisis must not be times of bureaucracy,” Blümel concluded.

All information on this topic at bmf.gv.at/corona.