Suspected money laundering – customs officers confiscate over DKK 2.5 million

Customs officers made an exciting find in a Croatian articulated lorry at the Suben border crossing on 19 November. During a routine control, they discovered packages of cash with a total value of DKK 2,575,000 (approximately EUR 335,000). This was a clear incident of suspected money laundering.

When questioning the Croatian driver at the beginning of the customs control, the attentive customs officers began to suspect that he may be carrying illegal goods since he was visibly nervous. They therefore decided to submit the truck to a thorough control. They ultimately discovered a bag of 17 sealed packages in the driver's cab, containing the Danish krone.

Each individual package was marked with its monetary value, so that the control officers were rapidly able to assess the total value of DKK 2.5 million. Since, in addition to suspected cash smuggling, this is clearly a suspected case of money laundering, confiscation of the packages was ordered by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Further questioning of the Croatian driver revealed that he had been asked at a German service station by an as-yet unknown person to carry the cash to Zagreb. Since, by doing so, the driver would be able to earn an additional EUR 500, he agreed to transport the money and placed it on his bed in the driver's cab without giving the matter any further thought. He claimed he had assumed that the bag contained approximately EUR 20,000. Investigations in the case are ongoing.

"Yet again we have seen that the diligent work of our customs officers leads to success. Cash smuggling mostly serves money laundering and the financing of terrorist crimes, and so combating the illegal movement of cash is an objective we are vigorously pursuing," declared Finance Minister Gernot Blümel.