Blümel/Schramböck/Köstinger: EUR 25 million for Schönbrunn Zoo
Schönbrunn Zoo, one of Vienna's most popular attractions, is the oldest zoo in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2019 the Zoo welcomed over 2.3 million visitors, many from abroad. In order to retain its competitive position among the best zoos in Europe and to provide the Zoo's animals with the habitat and care appropriate to their species, the Zoo urgently needs to be upgraded and expanded.

Finance Minister Gernot Blümel: "A visit to the Zoo is always a special experience, not only for the numerous tourists who visit, but also for the inhabitants of Vienna. This year of coronavirus has not been easy for Schönbrunn either and, for this reason, I am all the more gratified that we have now incorporated this upgrading work into our upcoming budget. In total, we will be providing EUR 25.3 million for the expansion and modernization of the elephant enclosure."

Margarete Schramböck, representing the Zoo's owners, responded: "To construct a new elephant enclosure, and in order to facilitate the most modern elephant husbandry and set a future global standard, Schönbrunn Zoo urgently needs additional funds. I am delighted that, following many years of negotiations, we have succeeded in making additional space and funds available, and I wish to thank my colleagues for their active support. Schönbrunn Zoo is one of Vienna's most popular attractions and is well known far beyond Austria's borders. It attracts numerous tourists every single year and provides a vital impetus for the economy."

Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (responsible for the Austrian Federal Gardens), added: "The expansion of the Zoo represents a historic opportunity. We are pleased to make the necessary additional space available so that a new and contemporary enclosure can be built for the elephants, and Schönbrunn Zoo can be expanded. For Vienna as a tourist city, the Zoo is irreplaceable, and through this expansion, in future it will become even more attractive."