Blümel offers his congratulations to the new Chair of the ÖBAG, Edith Hlawati “An acknowledged expert, who knows ÖBAG well” – Finance Minister thanks ÖBAG Director Christine Catasta for her interim management of the organisation

“With Edith Hlawati holding the reins, ÖBAG will benefit from a renowned expert and an experienced manager as its head. As a result of the fields she has been working in to date, she is well acquainted with the regulatory framework conditions and the business landscape in Austria. Edith Hlawati is a proven capital markets expert with international experience. And she has excellent knowledge of the companies in which the state holding company has shareholdings, not least through the supervisory board positions she has held to date. I am convinced that her broad-based experience over many years will add value to ÖBAG, to the Republic’s shareholdings and thus to the assets owned by the Austrian tax-payers. I look forward to working with her,” commented Finance Minister Gernot Blümel on the decision announced today by the Supervisory Board, in his capacity as shareholder representative.

“I would like to thank the Supervisory Board and the Appointments Committee for preparing and seeing through the job application process. In particular I would like to thank ÖBAG Director Christine Catasta, who was prepared to act as interim manager of ÖBAG and will continue in this role until Edith Hlawati takes up her position,” concluded Blümel.