Customs and police again rescue 9 trafficked puppies

Last Saturday, 27 March 2021, customs and police once again succeeded in uncovering and thwarting a case of puppy smuggling. During an evening police control conducted at the Kufstein border crossing point in Tyrol, several dog crates were found on the loading bed of a Polish vehicle. The nine puppies – a chihuahua, a miniature poodle, a Maltese, a Russian toy terrier, three French bulldogs and two Welsh corgis – were to be transported by the Ukrainian lorry driver to Belgium.

The police then contacted the official duty vet who, having looked over the animals and documents, established that both the border veterinary service clearance papers and customs clearance documents were missing. Likewise, the animal health certificate and pet passports accompanying the animals did not comply with applicable rules.

A customs service dog handler called to assist therefore arranged for the animals to be transported to the Wörgl animal shelter. For smuggling of the puppies, the customs administration levied duties and fines totalling EUR 1,800 from the Ukrainian lorry driver. On top of this, the puppy smuggler will face charges for breaching animal health law.

Thanks to the valiant intervention by all those concerned – police, customs and veterinary services – the animals in any event survived their arduous journey and will be remaining in Austria.

"This case shows once more the high level of professionalism and huge commitment shown by the Austrian investigating authorities when it comes to protecting both people and animals," declared Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, proud of this latest success in combating the cruel practice of animal trafficking.