National Reform Programme

The Europe 2020 strategy was adopted by the European Council on 17 June 2010. Its objective is to promote employment and smart, sustainable, inclusive growth. The progress achieved by Member States must be reported in National Reform Programmes (NRP) each year.

Detailed information must be provided on measures to remove barriers to growth and the implementation of structural reforms. The NRPs must be submitted together with the Stability and Convergence Programmes to the European Commission by the end of April each year. The two documents must be consistent and are reviewed by the European Commission. After a discussion process, the European Council adopts country-specific recommendations in June of each year. These recommendations to the individual member states are to be taken into account in national policy objectives and budgets, and information to this effect must also be included in the NRP for the following year.
Preparation of the Austrian NRP is coordinated by the Federal Chancellery and carried out in collaboration with a variety of ministries. The social partners and state, city and local governments are also involved.