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Mobile X-ray Vehicles (Scan Mobile)

Like numerous other customs administrations, for several years now, Austria has been deploying two mobile LGV/container scanners and an X-ray vehicle in order to be able to achieve the greatest possible success using minimal labour.

Smuggling organisations have a wealth of ideas when it comes to smuggling illegal goods into Austria or the EU. Controls of whole lorry loads, containers, luggage of passengers in tour coaches or postal consignments are always very labour- and time-intensive and also require a corresponding infrastructure (control halls, etc.).

Specially-trained employees of the customs administration are used as operators and familiarised through corresponding training with handling the vehicles and X-ray image analysis.

The deployment plans are generated on the basis of corresponding national and international findings and risk analyses in respect of smuggling routes. A last-minute change to the planned place of deployment does not constitute a problem either, since assembly and dismantling of the vehicles can take place very rapidly.