Digital Services in Practice

A large number of procedures can already be carried out from home or the office without worrying about opening times or waiting in long queues.

The basis of the electronic administration are online procedures, which make life much easier for stakeholders. Users can visit a website such as or the One-Stop-Business Service Portal (USP), can find the key information quickly and complete the necessary reports and processes in a fast, straightforward and electronic way with the aid of the mobile phone signature or the card-based citizen card. All applicable fees and costs can be paid electronically.

The electronic file will be processed by the internal workflow system. Approved applications are delivered reliably in electronic form. The e-delivery makes it possible for authorities to send documents – including those that have to be delivered with proof of delivery (RSa, RSb) – electronically, in a convenient and low-cost manner. The business benefits from faster handling. "Yellow notes" and the additional route to the post office are no longer necessary.

Proof of residency via

The document known as the "residence registration form" (Meldezettel) is of great importance and is available via In order to receive the form electronically, a registration for the electronic delivery service needs to be carried out. Users identify themselves via mobile phone signature on their mobile telephone. Applicable fees can be paid through the online payment service. The residence registration document can be downloaded immediately and is delivered shortly thereafter to the inbox Mein Postkorb.

The Business Service Portal

Whether it's "A" as in "Anmeldung von Mitarbeiterinnen bzw. Mitarbeitern" (registering employees) or "U" as in "Unternehmensgründung" (starting a business), the Business Service Portal ( provides all relevant information on public administration for businesses via a One-Stop-Web portal. The transaction section at the USP currently offers access to the most important e-Government applications of the federal government for companies and is continually expanded. For businesses, a one-stop access to all e-Government applications means not only less administration effort with handling access data and passwords but also a – highly secure – user administration for e-Government applications of the public administration.

RIS is used primarily for announcing legal regulations that have to be proclaimed in the Federal Law Gazette (BGBl) and information about the legislation of the Republic of Austria. In addition to this, RIS ( also incorporates links to the EU law (EUR-Lex), the Provincial Law Gazettes and the applicable and historical federal and provincial law in its consolidated version. The legislation of the supreme courts (the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Court, Administrative Court), of the federal and the nine provincial administrative courts and other committees and/or tribunals are also included. Selected regulations of the federal ministries are also available.

Reporting Plattform

The reporting plattform (available only in German) is an application that enables the administration to record, analyze and disply a wide range of data. The aim is to visualize data treasures and to create reports and dashboards. These are available to both managers and operational employees, regardless of time and location, and are particularly relevant for reporting and/or data-based decision-making. Isolated systems with independent reporting structures are a thing from the past with this new management tool. All relevant information is centrally available on the platform and can be accessed via all devices (including mobile ones).

The Electronic Health Records (ELGA)

This is an information system that enables a secured, location- and time-independent access to important health data (preliminary findings, letters of discharge, laboratory, radiology, drugs). Patients as well as health service providers (hospitals, doctors' practices, chemists, nursing facilities) can access the records. Only in the case of medical treatments (and solely in this context), does ELGA link already existing health-related data and information of a clearly identified person. Data protection is the first priority.


Via FinanzOnline (available only in German), citizens older than 16 years can submit their tax form by using a mobile phone. The Federal Ministry of Finance launched FinanzOnline in 2003. The greatest advantage of the innovative e-Government solution is the enormous cost savings. It is more time-effective and offers faster tax assessments, more transparency and individualised high-quality service. Communication with the FinanzOnline computers is encrypted in order to ensure that unauthorised third parties cannot read the content of the documents.

The Transparency Portal

The transparency portal (available only in German) provides citizens with consistent information on the range of services at federal, provincial and municipal level (funding, transfer payments, social insurance payments and income tax savings). Is also provides, in compliance with data protection regulations, the services already received in person. Specific funding requests of the federal government can be partly managed directly via the transparency portal. At the same time, a legally valid, electronically signed summary for the application of funding services is accessible for citizens and companies.