The Federal Ministry develops, promotes and supports state-of-the-art e-Government, so that all citizens and companies have easy, safe and fast administrative solutions at their disposal.

Use of existing government data, streamlining of processes and promotion of mobility are just some of the principles that will guide future administrative action.

The support of the economy with best practices in connection with the digital transformation, the creation of digitalisation-friendly legal framework conditions and the provision of corresponding financial support offers are prerequisites for establishing Austria as an attractive and digital future business location.

Focus of digitalisation in Austria:

  • Supporting the economy with digital services (e.g. electronic establishment of a sole proprietorship);
  • Creating a digitalisation-friendly environment to promote digital innovation;
  • Expansion of digital services for citizens (for example via;
  • Coordinating the digitalisation activities of the entire federal government by a task force for digitalisation.

Digital Austria

Digital Austria is the Austrian Federal Governments initiative for a successful digitalisation in Austria. The aim is to consolidate Austria's role as a leading digital nation to guarantee and expand prosperity, job opportunities as well as the quality of life in the long term.


  • Society: Higher quality of life for all generations.
  • Economy: New opportunities for growth, jobs and prosperity.
  • Public Administration: From father state to partner state.

Digital Strategy for Austria

In order to de-bureaucratise life and work in Austria, the public administration is rapidly modernising and digitising. In addition to the expansion of broadband and 5G supply, the focus lies on the user-friendliness of digital applications for citizens and businesses. We develop, promote and support a state-of-the-art e-Government infrastructure to provide secure and fast management solutions.

All administrative units are encouraged to use existing government data, streamline processes and promote mobility. The economy will thereby be supported by best practices from the broad field of digital transformation and digitalisation-friendly legal framework conditions. Furthermore appropriate financial support offers will be created to establish Austria as an attractive and digital business location.

The Digital Action Plan for Austria

The "Digital Action Plan", developed with stakeholders and experts from society, administration and business, ensures that Austria makes the best possible use of the opportunities offered by digitization and that everyone benefits. Digital transformation is a decisive lever for growth, jobs and prosperity in Austria now and in the future. That is why it is important to create the necessary foundations to increase the quality of life for people in all regions and age groups. The way to achieve this is by means of modern and accessible administrative services for companies and citizens.

Development measures in the key action areas

  • Economy: More growth and jobs by means of a better use of data
  • Government: More digital services and lower costs for businesses and citizens
  • Education, research and innovation: A better future by means of digital innovations for all of us
  • Health and care: Better health and quality of life for all generations
  • Security and infrastructure: More data security and resilience in all of Austria

Strategy of the Austrian Federal Government for Artificial Intelligence "AIM AT 2030"

The federal government's strategy for artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 - AIM AT 2030 (PDF, 5 MB) and the AIM AT 2030 Annex (PDF, 3 MB)) was first presented in 2021. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a collective term for powerful computer technologies with the potential to change many areas of society. The use of AI opens up new dimensions in the personalisation of services, the optimisation of processes or the management of resources across all economic and social sectors. AI can provide companies with decisive competitive advantages and, at the same time, support important socially and ecologically necessary transformation processes in a wide variety of areas. AI is a cross-cutting technology whose safe and targeted use can make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation and post-Corona pandemic economic recovery.

In addition to these opportunities, the use of AI also comes with major challenges and potential areas of concern. It is therefore essential to ensure that a secure framework for the use of AI applications is created together with our European partners that also covers the issue of fundamental rights, such as data protection, equality rights, and the prohibition of discrimination accordingly.

In order to implement the opportunities offered by AI for Austria and to minimise the potential risks, the present AI strategy of the Austrian Federal Government was developed under the title Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 (AIM AT 2030).

It focuses on pursuing the following three objectives:

  1. A broad deployment of AI oriented towards the common good is targeted, carried out in a responsible manner on the basis of fundamental and human rights, European fundamental values, and the upcoming European legal framework;
  2. Austria should position itself as a research and innovation location for AI in key areas and fields of strength, and
  3. by means of the development and use of AI, the competitiveness of Austrian technology and business location should be secured.

Based on the EU's Coordinated Action Plan on AI, the AIM AT 2030 defines the necessary basic principles for trustworthy AI. In order to unleash the potential of trustworthy AI, concrete measures for a functioning AI ecosystem are set out. Complementing these two basic pillars, steps for implementing the potential are outlined in very specific AI application fields (Annex), which range from climate protection to applications in industry or education.

AI technologies and their applications are developing very fast. For this reason, AIM AT 2030 sets the guidelines in which the use of AI in Austria can and should develop. At the same time, AIM AT 2030 focuses on agile, interdisciplinary and participatory implementation and further development.