Finanzminister Magnus Brunner

"The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing prevention is particularly important for the integrity of the common market. The new Anti-Money Laundering Authority will need the best people and the best environment for its challenging mission. As the world’s most liveable city, Vienna is the ideal European choice to live and thrive."

Federal Minister of Finance Magnus Brunner


Bürgermeister Michael Ludwig

“Vienna's international and open-minded character is among the key drivers of success of this city. As the home of over 50 intergovernmental organisations and more than 300 bilateral and multilateral diplomatic missions, Vienna is a hub of international diplomacy. I therefore support the Austrian federal government's proposal to bring the EU's new anti-money laundering authority to Vienna.”

Mayor and Governor of Vienna Michael Ludwig

Antonio Guterres

“I always heard from colleagues working in Vienna that conditions that were given to them by the Austrian Government were particularly favourable, to the extent that many of them decided to go on living in Austria after retirement. I think this is the best tribute we can pay to the fantastic hospitality of our host city and host country. I want to thank once again the people of Austria and the people of Vienna for their wonderful hospitality and support.“

UN Secretary-General António Guterres


Michael O'Flaherty

“I would like to thank the Austrian government and the City of Vienna for being a welcoming and accommodating host for the Agency. Our collaboration has been excellent, and the Agency has been the recipient of generous contributions over the years. The high living standards of Vienna contribute to the attractiveness when seeking to employ experienced staff for the Agency from across Europe. Vienna lives up to its standards as an enviable place to live, offering well-functioning infrastructures including public transport, international schools and social services, as well as countless options when it comes to culture, music and outdoor activities. Finally, it is the host of numerous international organisations such as UN, OSCE and OPEC, to name a few, resulting in a vibrant international community, which makes it even more welcoming for newcomers.”

Michael O’Flaherty, Director, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Let us show you what we bring to the table to help AMLA succeed in its mission.

The Anti-Money Laundering Agency (AMLA) is the pinnacle of European efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. After years of hard work by countless people, the centrepiece of policy work is the creation of a decentralised agency, which should facilitate and coordinate this fight against illicit financial flows.

Money talks. We are putting forward the most generous offer ever made for an EU agency. We will pay AMLA's rent and fit-out costs for as long as AMLA stays in Vienna. This unmatched offer shows how serious Austria is about its candidacy.

AMLA needs to work as effectively as possible to counter the challenges that Member States and the Union as a whole face. It needs the most capable people in this field of expertise. Without a doubt, Vienna would be the most suitable seat for its tasks. It offers the most attractive destination to attract qualified employees and a world-class business environment.

Living in Vienna