The ideal location for AMLA

Proposed building and surrounding premises.

You know Vienna and all its plentiful amenities by now. But how does that translate to AMLA and what we can offer for AMLA itself?

We have made it our mission to find the perfect place in Vienna for this authority and we asked numerous experts to create the perfect agency. We wanted something close to the airport, but also close to the centre. Where you are connected to all the different means of transport, but also surrounded by liveable space. We wanted something very secure, but also embedded within the city. We wanted something which gives the future employees every possibility to grow. We wanted something where they feel at home and we think we found it. We found a home for AMLA in Vienna.

This is how it’s going to look like:


What do we offer in technical terms?

The new building is part of a new district, called “Village im Dritten”, embedded within office buildings, flats, commercial space and public greenery. It will be operational by 2026 and purpose-built for AMLA and Austria will provide a fully functional temporary accommodation until that point.


The proposed building is fully adaptable to meet all the needs of AMLA. It provides 9 850 m² of space over eight floors, including a conference room of 300 m², a representative lobby as well as working areas, lunch spaces and its own cafeteria and staff kitchen. Additionally, this building can accommodate several meeting rooms of various sizes, tailored to AMLA’s needs. The building structure offers a wide range of closed, mixed and open spaces. The light-flooded interior is complemented by the use of a lot of visible wood due to its hybrid construction. It is designed to provide outdoor spaces for lounging and to hold evening receptions. The following pictures are part of a study for this very purpose and are only indicative of the possibilities.

The site also provides underground parking spaces and above-ground bicycle parking spaces. As this building is part of a dedicated district, additional office spaces are available nearby if needed. Energy is provided by a unique network of geothermal energy and district heating, supported by photovoltaic power.


Regarding physical safety and security requirements, the building can be split up in several sections with turnstile entry controls in each section or for the whole building, as a lobby is part of the initial planning. These are options and the ultimate preferences will be fully adapted to the needs of AMLA.

Nearby of the location there are conference centres such as the Austria Convention Center (24 000 m²), the Marx Halle (20 000 m²) or the Hofburg (17 000 m²). Those provide plentiful space for conventions or other events in case the space within the Agency would be insufficient for one-off events.


AMLA’s future home is just 5 minutes from the nearest train station, which takes employees and guests straight to the airport and is also situated within 15 minutes' walk from Vienna's main railway station. From there, it is only a 20-minute ride to the airport, with trains running every 15 minutes. There are also tram stops in front of the building going in both directions or into the city center. If you would like to take a brief walk, there is either the Schweizergarten or the spectacular view of the Belvedere Gardens next door.

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