The most generous offer ever made for an EU agency

Read more about our financial offer for AMLA.

You have now seen our offer to host AMLA, so let us talk about money.

Simply put, we are putting forward the most generous offer ever made for an EU agency. We will pay AMLA's rent and fit-out costs for as long as AMLA stays in Vienna. We will provide a building and, if necessary, a temporary building to ensure that AMLA's core team can concentrate on setting up the Agency.

We care for the staff

We also want to ensure that future AMLA staff can get around Vienna and Austria. To help them settle into a new environment, we will provide each staff member with an annual travel pass for the first year of their employment, giving them access to all public transport in Austria.

We offer access to a professional master's programme called "Financial Supervision", which is usually reserved for Austrian financial supervisory authorities. This will ensure that AMLA staff have access to relevant training programmes. Moreover, Vienna is a research hub for crypto-assets, the dark net, terrorist financing and tax crimes.

Finally, we will provide AMLA staff with access to the UN Commissary. The Commissary is a tax and duty free store and was established as a self-sustaining, non-profit organisation to facilitate the purchase of limited quantities of consumer goods. It is a highly attractive perk for members of international organisations.