The core task is to further advance digitalisation and digital transformation in Austria.

Priority objectives include the improvement of existing framework conditions to enable digital innovation and technology transfer in the business sector as well as the coordination and implementation of e-Government solutions for citizens, business and industry throughout Austria.

An appropriate strategy for Austria, a policy plan for gradual implementation and the nationwide coordination and pooling of all IT resources will accelerate digitalisation and digital transformation in Austria.

We develop, promote and support state-of-the-art e-Government services to provide simple, safe and fast administrative solutions to citizens and enterprises. Using existing government information, streamlining processes and encouraging mobility will be only some of the principles guiding future administrative action and governance.

Supporting the economic sector with best practice examples of digital transformation, introducing a digitalisation-friendly legal framework and providing appropriate funding schemes will create the conditions for establishing Austria's credentials as an attractive and digital place to do business in the future.

Electronic establishment of a sole proprietorship

The e-Launch of a sole proprietorship is possible since 31 July 2017. For the first time all necessary official channels are available electronically.

Cyber-Security and Data protection

The comprehensive new provisions on data protection are based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which created a uniform data protection law for all EU Member States.

ID Austria

Online procedures should be secure and comprehensive. So how is it possible to determine unequivocally the identity of applicants? By using the "ID Austria" - an electronic tool that clearly identifies the applicant.