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Establishment of a central online financial education portal

The strategy will target the whole population through the establishment of a central financial education website, a one stop shop, that will act as a reference point at the federal level. The central financial education website will host regularly updated, easy-to-understand and objective educational material for different target groups, based on a core competencies’ framework on financial literacy and tailored to the needs of target audiences at different life stages. The portal should be a single contact point for the population, to educate and inform themselves on financial literacy topics and a direct access to the strategy’s Secretariat.

The financial education portal will have the following three main tasks:

  • Presentation and explanation of the National Financial Literacy Strategy
  • Information and knowledge portal with learning modules
  • Financial literacy check with an option for certification

The creation of the online financial education portal is an important joint project of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank. This project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Technical Support Instrument. The completion of the project is planned for mid-2023.