Federal Minister of Finance Gernot Blümel

Gernot Blümel, MBA

Portraitbild_Finanzminister_ _Bluemel_2
Fotocredit: BMF/Jakob Glaser

Born on 24 October 1981 in Vienna



Studied philosophy at the University of Vienna and the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, graduating with a Mag.phil.

Studied at the Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, graduating with an MBA

Working Experience

2006-2008 Work as a Parliamentary member of staff and, subsequently, in the Office of the Second President of the National Council
2008 - 2010 Vice-President of the Youth of the European People's Party
2009 - 2011 Adviser at the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs
2011-2013 Coordinator for the Council of Ministers within the Office of the Vice-Chancellor
2013-2015 Secretary-General and media spokesman of the New People's Party
October 2015 - April 2016 Managing Regional Party Chairman of the New People's Party in Vienna
October 2015 - December 2017 City councillor in the Vienna City Senate
Since April 2016 Regional Party Chairman of the New People's Party in Vienna
June 2017 -  December 2017 Media spokesman for the New People's Party
December 2017 - June 2019 Federal Minister for the EU, Art, Culture and Media
From 7 January 2020 Federal Minister of Finance