Anti-Fraud Office

In the Anti-Fraud Office, the tax and social fraud units of the Federal Ministry of Finance are consolidated. This ensures a coordinated and efficient strategic and nationwide operational control of the preventive and repressive fight against fraud in the Ministry of Finance.

The Anti-Fraud Office consists of the following business units:

Fiscal Offences

The Sector Fiscal Offences of the Anti-Fraud Office ensures that administrative financial criminal proceedings are handled in accordance with the rule of law. In addition, it is active in the service of the criminal justice system in case of financial offences to be punished juridically and has the tasks and powers to which the Criminal Investigation Department is entitled under the Austrian Code of Criminal Procedure. 

The sector is structured into 19 teams and an operational legal unit as well as a collection/penalties team.

Financial Police

The Financial Police is a professional and efficient investigation and control unit of the Anti-Fraud Office. The central task of the Financial Police is to carry out targeted controls in order to detect tax evasion, social fraud, organised shadow economy and illegal gambling, thereby protecting the financial interests of the Republic of Austria.

The Financial Police consists of 42 operational teams, the Data Information and Processing Centre, the Central Coordination, the Legal Service and an organisational team.

Tax Investigation

The objective of the Sector Tax Investigation is to combat systematic and organised tax fraud and to detect repetitive tax evasion through proactive detection and combating of fraud schemes and combating cross-border tax fraud and social fraud. Other priorities include strengthening of cooperation with foreign anti-fraud units and intensification of the exchange of fraud-related information, especially within the European Union.

The Sector Tax Investigation consists of 12 investigation teams, 2 IT investigation teams, the legal unit, and an organisation team.

Central Office for International Cooperation

International cooperation between authorities is provided by the Anti-Fraud Office, Central Office for International Cooperation.

This division includes administrative assistance for value added tax and other taxes, administrative assistance for enforcement, legal assistance for financial offences and the processing of suspicious money laundering reports.

The Central Office for International Cooperation consists of two teams of the Central Liaison Office (CLO), one team for International Cooperation in Fiscal Criminal Investigation (ICFI), and one team Eurofisc/Europol/Money Laundering.

Most recent update: January 1, 2021