Anti Fraud Coordinators

Regional anti-fraud coordinator

A regional anti-fraud coordinator (Betrugsbekämpfungskoordinator, BBKO) has been established for each of the five regions of the tax administration.

These coordinators are responsible for effective anti-fraud measures in the region. In fulfilling this task, they communicate with each other and with other units of the tax administration on specific topics. They are the link on the one hand to the BBKOs in the finance and customs offices and on the other hand to the Federal Ministry of Finance Department I/9 Fraud Prevention. They also act as an information hub to the outside world, for example when it comes to external information exchange or cooperation with external institutions and authorities.


Local anti-fraud coordinator

Each tax and customs office has a local anti-fraud coordinator. These coordinators are members of the management and communicate in their function at the level of the executives, among themselves and with the regional BBKOs. The BBKO is the contact point in the offices for all anti-fraud matters at the local level, within the departments for other organisational units, and externally for institutions and authorities. They form the information and knowledge hub in the anti-fraud fight and are integrated into a clearly structured anti-fraud network.

A core task of the BBKO is the establishment and coordination of local risk management in the tax office. In this context, possible fraud-relevant information and facts are collected and data analyses in internal and external data sources carried out. These data, collected and analysed with a focus on anti-fraud, are processed further according to the risk management cycle (identification, analysis, assessment, aggregation and evaluation of risks and fraud scenarios).