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FAQ: Travellers

How Many Cigarettes Can Travellers Import Duty-Free?

(Over the age of 17) You may import 200 cigarettes duty-free in your personal luggage when coming from non-EU countries. There are exemptions for cross-border traffic and the Swiss Customs exclave Samnaun Valley. You will find information in the brochure “Customs Info 2011”.

What is the Maximum Value for Importing Gifts Duty-Free from Non-EU countries?

This depends on the type of goods. There are duty-free amounts for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, non-sparkling wines, beer and medicinal products, while the allowance of EUR 430 for airline travellers or EUR 300 for all other travellers applies to all other goods.

Travellers in excess of their Duty-Free Allowance – What should they do?

Travellers must declare the goods when going through customs. You must use the Red Channel for doing this. Whenever the customs office is not equipped with separate control exits, take the initiative and submit a customs declaration. You must then pay the import charges due on your goods.

What is the Maximum Value for Importing Foodstuffs Duty-Free?

The allowance of EUR 430 for airline travellers or EUR 300 for all other travellers applies to foodstuffs. However, other provisions regarding foodstuff controls must be observed and possibly also other bans and restrictions on imports, which may account for lower allowances.

Taking Pets Along When Travelling?

Dogs and domestic cats may be brought into Austria at any customs office. However, they require a vaccination certificate.