Cash Controls

Accompanied Cash

As part of the EU’s efforts to tackle money laundering and the financing of terrorism, all travellers entering or leaving EU territory are already obliged to complete a cash declaration when carrying € 10.000 or more (or equivalent in other currencies, bonds, shares or travellers’ cheques). Customs authorities are empowered to check persons, their luggage and their means of transport. They are also empowered to detain undeclared cash.

Please use following forms for declaring your cash:

More information you can find here.

Unaccompanied cash

Customs authorities may also now request a cash disclosure declaration when they detect € 10.000 or more in cash (as included in the new definition), being sent by post, freight or courier (unaccompanied cash). If requested, this declaration should be made within 30 days by the recipient, sender or by an appointed representative of the two.

Please use following forms for declaring your cash: