Management of State-Owned Enterprises

The Federal Ministry of Finance manages 16 direct state-owned equity interests of the Federal Government and supervises three institutions under public law. For this purpose, an active management of equity interests was established, taking into account the budgetary principles of economy, efficiency, expediency and transparency. The exercise of ownership rights in the corporations pursues the goal of responsible, sustainable and long-term value creation, and is thus committed to the interests of all Austrian taxpayers.

In June 2021 the manual “Equity Interest Management of the Federal Republic of Austria” (PDF, 800 KB) (in German), developed in an interdepartmental project of the Conference of Secretary-Generals, was enacted for the Federal Ministry of Finance.

More detailed information on the individual equity interests is also published annually, until the start of consultations on the draft of a Federal Finance Act, in the Equity Interest Report (PDF, 2 MB) (in German).