Predictive Analytics Competence Center

The Predictive Analytics Competence Center (PACC) was established on 01 June 2016 as the successor organisation to the Risk, Analysis and Information Center (RIA) in order to meet the requirements of an increasingly complex data world (Big Data) with new and modern analysis methods (Predictive Analytics, Data Mining).

Based on a risk assessment of the levy processes carried out according to the latest scientific methods and a related effective prediction of necessary control and audit measures (risk-oriented deployment control) as well as a subsequent holistic evaluation of the results, the PACC is expected to support the strategy of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

For the success-optimised implementation of these two main aspects of the PACC, the department is fundamentally divided into two areas. This is reflected in the organisational division into the “Analysis and Evaluation” team and the “Evaluation and Quality Assurance” team.