Our society depends on a well-functioning supply with raw materials. Driven by the principle of sustainability, the mining sector pursues the goal of an economically, environmentally, socially best and safe provision of mineral and energy resources.

The Minister of Finance is the competent authority for mining in Austria. The directorates of the Mining Division are located in Vienna, Salzburg and Leoben.

Denisgasse 31, 1200 Vienna:

   Directorate VI/4 - Mining - Legal Affairs 

   Directorate VI/5 - Mineral Resources Policy

   Directorate VI/6 - Mining - Technology and Safety

   Directorate VI/9 - Mining Authority East

Aigner Strasse 10, 5020 Salzburg:

   Directorate VI/7 - Mining Authority West

Straußgasse 1, 8700 Leoben:

   Directorate VI/8 - Mining Authority South