Federal Academy of Finance

Federal Academy of Finance

The Federal Academy of Finance (BFA) is an organisational unit of Central Services and, as a central educational institution, is responsible for educational activities in the department together with the Human Resources Development Department of the Federal Ministry of Finance.


The Federal Academy of Finance (BFA) has the task of developing and offering strategically oriented and demand-oriented qualification measures. It is responsible for the design of teaching and learning methods and participates in the development of the educational offer. In addition, the BFA has an advisory role in complex educational issues. It supports self-learning competencies, creativity, collaboration and innovation within a living learning culture.


The BFA is part of Central Services and is based in Vienna. There are further locations in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg, which are responsible for handling decentralised offers.

Based on a MoU with the OECD, the Federal Academy of Finance is furthermore the local office of a Multilateral Training Centre and hence an organiser of international seminars of the OECD.

BFA- Organigram
Federal Academy of Finance (BFA) - organisational chart as of 01.01.2021

Educational offers

From apprenticeships up to academic degrees, the tax administration offers a broad range of training options.

Here, the contribution of the BFA includes all relevant areas of competence that modern internal training providers have in their portfolio for professional and vocational education and training. On average, the BFA offers about 1,000 events per year on almost 400 different topics throughout Austria, which are assigned to the three main areas of basic training (GAB), functional training (FAB), and continued training (WB).

Basic Training (GAB)

Austria’s Finance Administration pays special attention to basic training, in which important fundamental and general knowledge from the respective administrative branch – Taxes, Customs or General Service – is imparted to the new colleagues. Understanding interconnections and knowing the organisational culture of the department form the basis for a career in any of the administrative branches of Taxes, Customs and General Service. The three basic training branches (Tax/Customs/General Service) each have a modular structure, extend over about two years and provide not only theoretical but also comprehensive practical training in the respective service authority.

For information on basic training in the Finance Administration, go to Basic Training Ordinance – Federal Ministry of Finance (in German).

Functional Training (FAB)

With the functional training, the fundamental and general knowledge imparted during the basic training is deepened through a unique combination of practical and theoretical training, relating to the respective administrative branches and functions, in a learning process of several years. As part of the functional training, each and every employee is very specifically prepared for his/her defined tasks or function, so the requirements related to the workplace can be fulfilled in theory as well as in practice.

Continued Training (WB)

The Federal Academy of Finance offers seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences in all areas, where colleagues, together with subject-matter experts, coaches and facilitators, deepen their knowledge, learn how to apply it in practice and seek new solutions. Overall, there are about 200 subjects from a wide variety of areas. Participation in further training events, like those of the GAB and FAB, takes place in the course of the working hours.


The trainers are mainly internal subject-matter experts. This safeguards an important part of knowledge management within the ministry. Through special educational offers, the didactic and methodological competences of the trainers meet the current requirements in adult education. In the fields of management, social and methodological skills and languages, the BFA cooperates with recognised trainers and institutes from the private sector.

Teaching and learning forms

The educational offers of the BFA are characterised by a variety of teaching and learning forms in presence and online in virtual spaces. The methodological-didactic gamut ranges from classic face-to-face learning to online training, e-learning offers and scenario, video and application training. Proof of competence such as written, oral and electronic examinations as well as knowledge checks provide evidence of learning success and give participants the assurance that they have the relevant knowledge. The BFA deals intensively with the latest trends and developments in adult education, taking into account learning settings that enable sustainable learning processes.