Entry into Austria Whether you are travelling to Austria, importing a vehicle for personal use, returning to Austria after an assignment abroad, or planning to employ a foreign worker, we have compiled all relevant legal information for you under this heading.


This  information is intended to assist you in determining whether you may bring the goods that you carry with you to Austria duty-free, and whether and/or which formalities have to be observed when entering Austria. In addition, the most important prohibitions and restrictions on imports are listed so that you are informed in advance about possible barriers and/or requirements in connection with the import of goods.

When entering Austria, the statutory regulations and formalities basically differentiate between persons coming from an EU country or a non-EU country. Depending on whether you have an EU domicile or a non-EU domicile, different provisions need to be observed. Please check also the definition of "domicile".

Whether you enter Austria for private or business purposes, however, does not matter.

You can also download our publication “Tips for entry into republic of Austria”: 

Importing a vehicle for personal use

Should you want to import a vehicle for your own use, you must comply with the statutory provisions that apply to imports from countries either within or outside the EU. Be sure to pay particular attention to the formalities associated with the standard consumption tax (Normverbrauchsabgabe or NoVA).

Posting or hiring-out of workers from abroad

Here you may find information on the posting or hiring of  workers from abroad, special arrangements for posting by companies from Croatia and from third countries, as well as links to other authorities and the relevant forms.