Access with Legitimate Interest

Since September 1, 2023, natural persons and organizations are been able to inspect the register of beneficial owners if they have a legitimate interest.

Natural persons and organizations can request excerpts from the register for one or more legal entities if they can demonstrate a legitimate interest in preventing money laundering or terrorist financing or the implementation of directly applicable sanctions. For this purpose, an application must be submitted to the registration authority via the link below. 

After the application has been approved, an e-mail will be sent with a link to pay the usage fee of 4 euros per statement and to subsequently call up the statement(s) requested. A rejection of the application by the registration authority must be made with an administrative decision. The Federal Administrative Court recognizes complaints against decisions by the registration authority.

Important note: Obliged parties according to Article 9 Para. 1 Z 6 to 9 BORA (lawyers, notaries, auditors and tax consultants) can - if the requirements of Article 9 Para. 2a BORA are met - extract statements directly via their own BORA management system if there is a legitimate interest.

You can access the the application


IMPORTANT: Companies can only request an excerpt about their own company in the Business Service Portal (USP).


If you have any questions regarding inspection if you have a legitimate interest, please send an email to the register authority at