Tax Exemptions

The following exemptions from insurance tax apply:

  • Insurance relationships subject to social security provisions (for example health insurance by the  ‘Gebietskrankenkassen‘ [Regional Health Insurance Funds], accident insurance by the AUVA [General Accident Insurance Agency])
  • Old age, disability, surviving dependants, accident and health insurance relationships concluded with providing institutions of the Chambers for the Self-Employed, with the ‘Pharmazeutische Gehaltskasse für Österreich‘ [Pharmaceutical Salary Fund for Austria] or with providing institutions established by regional administrative bodies for their employees
  • Insurance relationships concluded with associations of public bodies in order to offset costs to those public bodies for pension and medical benefits
  • Insurance of livestock in small livestock businesses, if the insured amount does not exceed 3.650 Euro, as well as insurance of livestock with a small livestock insurance association
  • Fire insurance by agricultural fire damage support associations which primarily focus on providing benefit in kind
  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance relationships concluded by the Chambers of Commerce and other Chambers for the Self-Employed for the severance entitlements of their members’ employees as regulated by law or collective agreement
  • Export credit insurance
  • Cross-border cargo insurance
  • Supplementary pension insurance, so long as it fulfils the requirements of § 108b EStG in connection with § 17 BMSVG or equivalent Austrian regulations
  • Pension fund provision as governed by § 17 parasubpara 4 (b) BMSVG or equivalent Austrian regulations
  • Insurance within the framework of ‘Zukunftsvorsorge‘ [future provision] as governed by § 108g to § 108i EStG including the provisions in § 108i parasubpara 2 and 3 (a, c and d) EStG
  • Payment of an insurance fee directly to a foreign insurer by a certified diplomatic or consular agency in Austria, or by the members or other personnel of that agency, so long as those persons are citizens of the sending State and are either not subject to Austrian jurisdiction or are public officials not employed in Austria (except performance of this duties). The tax is levied, however, if the insurance fee is paid to an Austrian authorised representative of the foreign insurer 
Last update: 1 January 2024