Preliminary cash results 2023

The provisional net financing balance of the federal government amounted to € -8.0 bn (deficit) in 2023 and is therefore € 9.1 bn better than planned in the federal budget for 2023.

The lower expenditure compared to the budget of € 6.0 bn (-5.2%) results from lower expenditure related to the energy crisis (€ -0.7 bn), for COVID-19 crisis management (€ -0.1 bn), underruns of the budget 2023 due to the economic situation (€ -0.2 bn), lower interest payments (€ -1.0 bn) and other lower budget requirements (€ -4.0 bn, e.g. investment premium, green transition, Export Guarantee Act, federal staff in the education sector).

The higher revenue of € 3.1 bn (+3.2%) is mainly due to the economic situation (€ +2.3 bn, of which gross taxes € +1.1 bn), but is also attributable to higher cash inflows from dividends and the liquidation of immigon AG, for example.