Digital office: Request documents quickly and conveniently from home with the new document service Birth, marriage and partnership certificates can now be downloaded with one click

Users of the digital office can now obtain documents such as birth or marriage certificates with just a few clicks using the new "Certificate Service". The data of all persons for whom there has been a change in the civil status register since 1 November 2014, such as birth, marriage or registered partnership, were automatically recorded digitally and can therefore be obtained digitally. All other persons can contact their registry office and request that their data be recorded in the digital register. The service makes it possible for all citizens, whose data is available digitally, to order partial or complete extracts from the Central Civil Status Register (ZPR) online without having to go to an office. This saves time and effort and enables smooth handling of administrative procedures.

For Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitalisation and Telecommunications at the Federal Ministry of Finance, this is another important step towards making digitalisation tangible for citizens as well as its positive benefits: "Anyone who has ever been in the situation of having to present documents quickly, but these are not at hand - for whatever reason - certainly appreciates the value of this service. We also want to expand the certificate service and are currently exploring the possibility of making further documents and certificates available electronically,” says Tursky.

For a fee, you can order either a complete extract of the data stored in the Central Civil Status Register (ZPR) or partial extracts of birth certificates, on the existence of a marriage or a registered partnership, on the use of names (includes all preceding names), on all marriages or all registered partnerships.

A prerequisite for using the document service in the Digital Office is, in addition to registering in the Digital Office app, having a mobile phone signature or ID-Austria and the payment of a fee, which is collected via the Digital Office app using an online payment method.

One digital office - more than 200 applications

The prerequisite for optimal use of the digital office and many other e-government services is having an electronic identity. The ID Austria can already be used in more than 200 online applications from various authorities. At the end of March, more than 826,000 ID-Austria were already in use.