Online platforms reported around 1.9 billion turnover from providers to the Ministry of Finance for 2020 and 2021 Focus action by the Ministry of Finance led to additional claims and increase in voluntary declarations by landlords

Since 2020, online platforms must report their providers and their sales to the Ministry of Finance. This allows the tax authority, among other things, to understand whether rental income was obtained for residential properties or sales were made for the sale of goods and whether these were correctly reported to the tax office.

If the providers do not notify the tax office of a rental that is relevant under tax law, they must also be prepared for the consequences of fiscal criminal law in addition to subsequent claims for tax payment. In total, around 25 platforms have reported more than 1.1 million providers for the years 2020 and 2021, who have achieved a sales volume of almost 1.9 billion euros with supply of goods, rentals and other services.

These reports did not have expensive consequences, especially for landlords on landlord platforms who have not reported their revenue. A focus action of the tax administration at a total of 220 inspected enterprises led to an additional result of about 500,000 euros in tax revenue in 70 cases. The additional tax payments were mostly in the five-digit range. The campaign also led to an increase in voluntary disclosure.

Since, in general, entrepreneurial activity should not be punished but encouraged, the Ministry of Finance also offers advice on tax rights and obligations. You can get an idea of this on the Ministry of Finance's website at it also helps to ask your tax advisor or tax office about it.

Those who have failed to meet their tax obligations have the opportunity to prevent criminal prosecution by making a voluntary disclosure. It must be submitted in writing to the tax office and must contain an explanation of the misconduct and disclosure of the basis of taxation or notification of the reduced tax amounts. The reduced taxes or duties must be paid on time.

“Anyone who does not comply with their reporting obligations must reckon with serious legal consequences that can quickly become very expensive. I therefore appeal to all accommodation providers to be well informed and thus avoid additional demands from the tax office or even consequences under fiscal criminal law," said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner.

If a violation has been detected, this information is also passed on to the federal states or municipalities, if there is a reasonable suspicion. This is essential for the enforcement of taxes such as the new vacancy tax in Tyrol. DAC7 will come into force next year. This is an EU directive that regulates the international automated exchange of information on platform data and ensures further transparency and thus tax justice.

You can find all information about this topic on the Federal Ministry of Finance website at