Financial police imposed fines of more than €7 million euros
In the first quarter massive increase in illegal foreign employment and undeclared work

In the first quarter of 2023, the financial police in the anti-fraud office checked more than 13,200 employees in around 7,200 companies in the fight against tax evasion and social security fraud. That had 2,185 criminal complaints with a total fine of more than 6.5 million euros as a result. Most inspections took place in the construction sector (1,792), followed by the hospitality and hotel industry (1,062) and the transport sector (973). Almost 500,000 euros in fines were imposed in the field of illegal gambling.

“This targeted tax and duty evasion weakens our business location. Because fraud creates unfair competitive conditions and damages honest entrepreneurs. Therefore, as part of our anti-fraud strategy, the financial police make a significant contribution to protecting our business location," said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner.

Particularly striking are the sharp rises in the number of illegal foreign workers (+54%) and undeclared work (+24%). The increased violations are also due to the labour market situation.

Highest penalties in Salzburg, Vienna and Lower Austria

In the first quarter of this year, the highest total penalties were imposed in Salzburg (2.3 million euros) followed by Vienna (1.4 million euros) and Lower Austria (1 million euros). In absolute numbers, most criminal complaints were filed in Vienna (567), ahead of Lower Austria (424) and Upper Austria (352). Most penalties related to violations of the Employment of Foreigner Workers Act (945), Austrian General Security Act (802) and the Wage and Social Dumping Control Act (306).

The fight against illegal gambling is also continued unabated by the financial police. In the first quarter, a total of 46 companies were inspected, resulting in 27 criminal complaints with a total fine of 492,000 euros. Most criminal complaints (20) were filed in Vienna, which can result in fines totaling 300,000 euros.