Broadband Atlas The Broadband Atlas is the Federal Government’s central information medium on current broadband coverage in Austria and above all provides initial information on the broadband supply of private households.

Objectives and tasks

The core element of the Broadband Atlas is the broadband search function, which can be used to find out about broadband availability and the broadband providers in a municipality.

In addition to the presentation of the current situation, it is also possible to obtain information on the projects funded by the BMF, their area coverage and their provisional project end.

The Atlas also shows the situation of mobile telecommunications in Austria: Via “Mobilnetz Versorgung” (mobile network supply) the estimated maximum download speed is displayed according to information from the operators. In addition, “Mobilfunk Testergebnisse” (test results on mobile telecommunications) can be used to retrieve information on the average download rates that can be expected. These rely on a geographic-statistical scheme based on data from the RTR network test of the past 24 months.

The presentation of coverage provided in the Broadband Atlas is for information only and is supplied without warranty. Detailed information on actual supply can be obtained from the respective providers.

The data from the Broadband Atlas are also available on Open Data Österreich.

RTR Network Test

The RTR Network Test provides users with information on the current service quality (among other things: upload, download, ping, signal strength) of their Internet access. In addition, a map and statistics of previous tests are available.