Broadband Strategy The objective of this support strategy is to encourage investments in broadband development also in less densely populated Austrian regions. By 2020 almost all Austrian households and enterprises are to have access to ultra-fast internet. The public sector is making a total of one billion Euros available for this purpose.

After all, an ultra-fast broadband connection is to cover the entire bandwidth of life.

Austria’s path towards the gigabit society

To secure the future of Austria as a business location, Austria must catch up with the world's leading digital nations. In the field of communications infrastructure - the basis of digitization - the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has set itself an ambitious goal with the nationwide availability of gigabit connections.

Given the extraordinary importance of broadband infrastructure for the business location and for the Austrian population, the draft of the Broadband Strategy 2030 was submitted to public consultation in early 2019. Statements and comments were submitted by key players from the telecommunications sector, from the ministries concerned, from representatives of the Federal Government, Federal Provinces, municipalities and the social partners, as well as from interested citizens, and incorporated into the Broadband Strategy 2030.

Objectives of the Broadband Strategy 2030

Broadband expansion can only be planned and implemented in the long term and requires both stable framework conditions for sustainable investment decisions and the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. The Broadband Strategy 2030 therefore includes five concrete interim targets in addition to the long-term objective of nationwide coverage with Gigabit-capable connections by the end of 2030.

The individual interim targets of the Broadband Strategy 2030 allow comprehensive monitoring of target achievement, but also sufficient flexibility for adjustments without losing sight of the overall goal. Concrete measures provide the framework for the activities that will put Austria at the top of the broadband sector also.

The objectives of the Broadband Strategy 2030 can only be achieved with a joint effort by all stakeholders. The Broadband Strategy 2030 describes concrete measures for achieving the objectives in the four areas of strategy, legislation, subsidies and accompanying measures.