FinanzOnline access IDs for natural persons (including individual entrepreneurs) outside Austria Here you will find all the information about issuing FinanzOnline access data for natural persons (including individual entrepreneurs) who do not reside in Austria.

Für Informationen auf Deutsch klicken Sie hier.

If you require login details for FinanzOnline for your company (with the exception of individual entrepreneurs), please click here.

If you reside in a state with eIDAS-compliant electronic identification, you can immediately log on to FinanzOnline using your electronic identification (eIDAS).

You do not require separate login details for FinanzOnline.

As a service, we can issue FinanzOnline login details via a video identification procedure. To do this, there are the following requirements:

  • Fill in the form FON1 and save it on your computer. For the FON1 form, you can find filling in instructions in English here.
  • Book an appointment for the video identification procedure online. There will be a link to open the video identification procedure in the appointment confirmation sent by e-mail.
  • Have the completed and signed FON1 form ready in electronic form (PDF), as well as a valid passport (for EU member states, an identity card is also possible) and start the video identification procedure at the booked appointment time (link in appointment confirmation).You can find all of the technical requirements here.

No further documents are required.

You will also need the questionnaire for disclosing a commercial activity (Verf17 or Verf18 or Verf19). Have the completed and signed version of this document (if an electronic signature option recognised in Austria is available, with a qualified electronic signature) ready in electronic format (PDF).

If the video identification procedure has a positive outcome, you will receive the FinanzOnline login details straight away during the video appointment. You can then use FinanzOnline immediately.

In this case, sign the forms directly in the video appointment and then submit the scanned documents directly in the appointment (upload).

If you require a consultation for this process, you can book a video consultation appointment here. However, please note that only general information can be provided during this appointment.